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What is a patio cover? Patio covers are made out of aluminum which will not rust, they are from the category of awnings known as flat roofs. They are a more modern style of aluminum awnings which have been recently introduced to the market. They are made out of extruded aluminum and have a house gutter just like a real house roof to collect water & direct it away from the house with the use of a downpipe.

Patio Shade Covers can we insulated which means heat will not transfer below the awning. These are a popular options for larger coverings, if you want us to enclose the area later on with windows, doors, or screen mosquito net, and also if you just prefer the strongest possible aluminum canopy awning that can be walked on. Many of our customers have us install insulated roofs then we make enclosures later on to make a full time room outdoor space.

Our Non-Insulated Patio Covers look almost identical to the insulated except the bottom of the awning has a line design under the roof, and the top of the cover is open. Most customers go with non insulated version of our metal roofs because they perform so well, look great, & are waterproof. These can also be used for enclosures.

​All our metal patio roofs come with gutters & downpipes, and we typically use 3" x 3" heavy gauge posts & truss beams to support the awnings. We design all our awnings for New York's winter season to easily hold snow which can be 30-50 pounds per square foot depending if you live in Staten Island/Brooklyn, Or Nassau County.

We have many color options available, please ask about our patio covers when you call. We are happy to stop by to go over your job!

Aluminum Patio covers, canopies & roofs

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